V&A’s “China Design Now” Opens at Portland Art Museum!

PAM_CDN “China Design Now,” an acclaimed exhibit displaying the contemporary art and culture of China, has arrived in Portland from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

I’m incredibly excited about this show, after hearing about it all summer! Portland Art Museum staff just put on a stunning China Design Now Gala (See pictures here on PORT!) The museum has also designed a community website for the exhibit where the public can post comments, read blog posts, view photos of Chinese artwork, and watch videos. I recommend taking a few minutes to scroll through it…click here to access the website!

I will definitely visit the exhibition up close and personal soon and will report back to you all when I do! If you live in the Pacific Northwest, don’t miss “China Design Now.”


One response to “V&A’s “China Design Now” Opens at Portland Art Museum!

  1. Because you are “incredibly excited” about this exhibit, I’m tempted to drive to Portland to check it out. I must admit, because of all the negative political and military connotations surrounding China in my generation; I have always avoided “Made in China.” However, just yesterday I bought a winter coat from J.C. Penney (on sale of coarse) “Made in China.” Purhaps it’s time for me to bury the political hatchet and drive to Portland to enjoy the real China.

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