Revolutionizing the museum, one idea at a time!

I’m thrilled with the feedback I received from last week’s post, It’s not about adaptation, it’s about revolution.

Colleendilen says: Perhaps there’s something that art museums can pick up from the popular and ever-growing science cafes that are popping up in connection to several science museums: These cafes connect the public with the museum and current science research by bringing the research and scientists themselves into casual environments (such as a pub or cafe).

Vincent Roman says: From my escapades on the web over at and else it is clear there are practical solutions for improving the offering to museum visitors through such metrics and which will make the rest of the equation from marketing to keeping visitors constantly interested and engaged much easier.

Having said all that I do agree that museums need to become hubs and that the disconnect between the physical and virtual needs to be reduced as much as possible to help engage as wide a participatory audience as possible.

Ron says: [The museum is] child development time; it’s a fun place to meet and socialize with your neighbors. It’s a local community doing grass-roots, 100 level stuff.

Engaging, participatory environments are what we should be aiming for in revolutionizing and transforming our museums today. Thank you for your feedback and ideas!!


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