7 Ways to Prove You’re the One for the Job

Curriculum_VitaeAccording to the Chronicle of Philanthropy, the first step to successful job hunting is revamping your resume. Writer Jennifer C. Berkshire spotlights seven ways you can improve your job application odds.

6 Ways to Prove You’re the One for the Job

1) Tie qualifications to a charity’s needs.

2) Proofread — and then proofread again.

3) Streamline qualifications to focus on specific achievements.

4) Translate business jargon into English.

5) Emphasize volunteer fund-raising experience.

6) Don’t hide the seasoning.

7) Engage the reader!

I’m constantly rereading and revising my resume, trying to be more specific about what I have accomplished in past positions, shying away from vague jargon, and sticking to bold facts about my volunteer activities, awards, and membership statuses. Infusing your cover letter with colorful but concise language and descriptions of your qualifications can be extremely time consuming especially after the fifth, tenth, or twentieth one, but it will not only help you stand out in a stack of uniformly written job applications but will keep you engaged in the job hunting process that can seem daunting and overwhelming at times.

You might not want to go completely over the edge with redesigning the look and feel of your resume, but it sure is entertaining to check out some of the most creative resumes I’m sure you will ever see. Click here to check them out.


One response to “7 Ways to Prove You’re the One for the Job

  1. Having been through the job ringer twice in the last 4 years (not sure if that’s good or bad, though dealt with the process speedily) I wanted to add a couple more points to the excellent 7 you highlighted.

    It’s good to make sure your resume is presented well, though I think there is a point where you can go TOO far and the example pictures you provided probably highlighted that to a degree. It’s one thing if you are applying for a job and have to show a portfolio, its another if it is just a word document.

    You also need to think about your online presence and what it says about you. What would your prospective employer find out by searching on your name, or your name coupled with that of a previous employer? You might be lucky enough that they find nothing, but that’s also not necessarily a good thing. Use the online sphere to bolster your appearance too. Make sure the results returned reinforce the impressions you wish people to have of you. Actively writing a niche blog might be a good way to do that.

    Another thing, though more off topic and less resume related is just the way you present yourself in person. The last job but one, I went to the interview in ripped jeans and a leather jacket, bedecked with iPod and high-end headphones.

    My father’s response was, in complete shock: “You’re not going like that are you?” To which I replied: “Yes! If I don’t go like this I won’t get the job.” And it was true. Every applicant that came in a suit and tie after I was hired had the mickey taken out of them.

    In short it is good to know your target employer and adapt your personal presentation to that. Knowledge is power!

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