Regina Hackett’s Top 10 Museum Websites in the Pacific NW

Regina Hackett, former Seattle P-I art critic and current blogger on Another Bouncing Ball, posted the Pacific Northwest’s top 10 museum websites in the order of their “web merit” according to her.

1. Henry Gallery. A thing of beauty is a joy forever, or at least until the update. Credit goes to Betsey Brock and her team.

2. Frye Art Museum. Useful, practical and informative. Lacks the Henry’s excitement and drive, but good job.

3. Vancouver Art Gallery. Nearly as good as the Frye’s, but needs more images.

4. Tacoma Art Museum. Dull design but in the game. Again, more images. Art museums are visual storehouses.

5. Bellevue Arts Museum: Considering the resources of this institution, tip top.

6. Portland Art Museum. Clean design, but not nearly enough information on current shows, never mind past and future, and flash prevents the site from releasing any images. Let your images roam free on the Internets!

7. Museum of Contemporary Craft. Competent. Well done.

8. Museum of Northwest Art. Not bad but skimpy. Build it out.

9. Whatcom Museum of History and Art. A placeholder. A shadow of a shadow.

10. Seattle Art Museum. It’s only last because as the premier art museum on the West Coast south of Los Angeles, it should be first. Instead, it’s dull, unhelpful and withholding to the point of audience hostility.

I am a little confused about her first choice, as I find the Henry’s website to be extremely confusing to navigate, but agree that when it comes to the Seattle Art Museum’s website, I expected something fancier and more engaging than what I found. Would love to see similar lists for other areas of the country.


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