Identifying with Falk’s new book, plus a fellow museo talks museums, community, and low-resource ways to connect!


My copy of John H. Falk’s new book, Identity and the Museum Visitor Experience, arrived today and I can’t get enough of it already! The purpose of this book, according to Falk, is to provide a model that museums can use to better understand and support the visitor experience. He argues that his new model (which I have not made it to yet but soon!) will require an immense amount of change within the current structure of how museums see themselves, their visitors, and their role in society. You can probably understand why I am loving this book already, especially after my recent post in which I discuss what I believe is a much needed revolutionizing of our art museums, away from the current exhibition structure and towards an institution that resembles a modern day public forum.

I have recently come across Colleen Dilenschneider’s blog, Know Your Own Bone, and am loving what this bright and ambitious fellow museo and grad student has suggested for ways she believes museums can connect with their communities. Transforming out museums into community-based centers of creativity and dialogue, Colleen writes, “lies in museums positioning themselves as cultural centers and integral aspects of the local/regional community.” Yes, yes, and yes. Head over to her blog to read her list of 55 Low-Resources Ways for Museums to Connect with the Community.

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