I heart you, Ireland

heart u“To allow the arts to be pushed into a corner like obstreperous children would be an unforgivable complacency. It is time for us to make plain that the massive contribution of culture to the spirit, international standing and economy of this island should be acknowledged and built on rather than savaged without a second thought.” Irish poet and member of Aosdána, Peter Sirr in The Irish Times, August 11, 2009. Read article here.


One response to “I heart you, Ireland

  1. For several months now I have come to work each morning at 8:00 AM and began my day. Almost immediately each morning, a janitor from housekeeping comes in to began his day too; a day of emptying trash and cleaning rest rooms. Bill, the janitor, is a pleasant middle aged man “starting over.” Like most housekeeping type people he is “Invisible.” Some of my co-workers speak, most don’t even know his name or care to touch his life.

    What’s in a name?? A few weeks ago Bill and I began to touch each others lives. I’ve always just called him “Brother” as I do many of my co-workers. One morning I referred to him as Mr. Moore as his name is Bill Moore. He corrected me. He said my name is “O’Moore”, I’m Irish. And he preceded to tell me the origin of his name was derived from the Irish Mores. And he went on to explain many more Irish tid-bits. We have been talking Irish culture ever since; as I just recently read the history of St Patrick’s evangelistic work.

    Anyway, as I read your Blog this morning I immediately thought of Mr. O’Moore. I went across the hall to the rest room he was working in and handed him a copy of the Irish Times Article. He really perked up. A touch of “Irish Spring” to his toilet cleaning. You never know when you can, “make plain that the contribution of culture to the spirit… of this island should be acknowledged and built on.”


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