More about the arts and social networking

Yesterday’s article in the San Fran Chronicle could be considered redundant, but I have to admit that me and my peeps in the arts can always use the reminder that social networking is important to the survival of our organizations no matter how many times we’ve heard about it.

While mostly “FYI” material, the article did take the initiative to link an organization’s increased use of social networking tools to an increase in funds, stating, “With the economic downturn affecting donations from trusts, foundations and individuals, a fresh batch of supporters couldn’t come at a better time.” This struck me as intriguing and has propelled me to seek out more research about a possible link between non-profits social networking and increasing their support base. It seems to me that the age group that frequents sites like Twitter is not necessarily rolling in the dough, but with even my mom on Facebook these days, the range of ages and professionals using these sites may be more diverse than I initially thought.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.


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