Update – Summer Internship

Ahh summer in the city…means cleavage cleavage cleavage…no wait, that’s a Regina Spektor song. My summer in the city boasts much less of that and much more of this: morning walks through the park blocks to my internship at a well-known Pacific Northwest museum, lunches at the food carts, visits to the Wednesday farmer’s market, a long walk through town to the baseball stadium for some triple-A action, shopping and food action in the Pearl, and art, lots of art. I’m nearing the close of the third week of my internship (the museum’s initials rhyme with, er, BAM!), and I’m seriously getting into the groove of my new work environment. My colleagues are helpful, funny, and more than willing to let me pick their brains for information about working in development at a regional museum. I have attended meetings, mingled with the trustees, made my rounds to the various departments, and met the director. He’s a young one, but I can see why they chose him. He is charismatic, well-spoken, and plays well with others while gently prodding the museum into the future. His priority numero uno is to strengthen the educational component of the museum and who wouldn’t love that?

Speaking of education, I’m currently working on some fundraising for one of the educational programs, and I foresee it being a wonderful opportunity to take a fundraising project from start to finish, affording me ample time on Raiser’s Edge and conversations with staff members from several other departments.

I have many questions though, some of them are probably too critical for my own good, but I’ll admit I am outspoken and looking at everything through the graduate student’s research lense. I’ll tackle some of it on this blog, but as I like to reserve MJ Writes for more newsy bits and resources from other professionals in the field, I promise I won’t get too verbose.

Here’s some blog love for the day. I just came across http://createquity.blogspot.com and think you should check it out too.

Ciao for now!


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