Newsy Links: PR, Photography, Funding, and Public Art

I have been a slacker lately on the regular posts, I know, but making up for it today with four nifty bits of information. At least one of them should strike your fancy. Because it’s the end of the day (and I have a research methods quiz to study for) I’m going to keep these brief.

1) Panic sets in about how to slice up the teeny tiny pie that is the NEA’s stimulus funding…GO.

2) Kress Foundation high res photographs go to Portland Art Museum…GO. Tip via MoMAlearning tweet.

3) New public artwork erected in Phoenix today. Comments at the end illuminate the all too common contrast between the decision-maker who considers themselves an active member of the art world…and everyone else…GO.

4) Publicity pointers from Phoenix (something good must be happening there!). Not exactly arts related but easily adaptable and spot on information…GO.


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