Spotlight on the Arts

Lovely japanese screen at the John Yeon designed Cottrell House in Portland, Oregon.

Lovely japanese screen at the John Yeon designed Cottrell House in Portland, Oregon.

As promised!

I finally sat down this morning to read “The Recession and US Museums” on The Art Newspaper’s website. Using an economy of words to concisely describe and comment upon the situation of museums in the recession, author Adrian Ellis urges museum administrators to seek radical alternatives in the face of financial collapse. His words reveal nothing new, but his elaboration on the museum as a sector of the very wealthy and its lack of community outreach and interconnectedness is persuasive and powerful.

University of Michigan’s art museum reopens
after a $40+ million renovation. Way to buck the trend.

Art in the Picture is similar to Smart History but without the audio/visual aspects. Still, very informative.

For those of you interested in arts councils, check out the Arts Council of Napa Valley. In other Napa news, the local newspaper published an editorial in support of the local arts scene.

For my museum studies cohort out there, the New York Times (NYT) has a special section on museums right now. I’ll let you little researchers scour the site yourselves.

A couple days ago, the NYT posted an update on culture and the White House. Shin Inouye, a White House spokesman, said, “President Obama recognizes that support for creative expression is an essential part of who we are as a nation and he is committed to ensuring that the arts community has an open line to the White House.” Hopefully this translates into finding a new leader for the NEA.

San Diego Museum of Art has a champion for its collection. Read more here.


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