Wrapping my head around arts marketing

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National Arts Marketing Project (NAMP) comes courtesy of Americans for the Arts, and is making a huge push for marketing in arts non-profit organizations. NAMP offers resources, workshops, and research aimed at turning this oft-misunderstood and maligned practice into something palatable and interesting for arts professionals, delivering a healthy dose of mainstream marketing concepts as well as arts-specific strategies.

1) What the heck is marketing?! Click here to find out.

2) Four Veils of Nonprofit Communications:

Veil #1: They reject any mention of conflict.

Veil #2: A tendency to prefer weak, bland words to bold, vivid words.

Veil #3: Faint (if any) appreciation for the emotional basis behind all human response.

Veil #4: Jargon.

3) Identifying Influences (from 2007 but nonetheless “influential”)

“In an era where effective mass marketing is increasingly difficult to achieve and
expensive, marketing strategies that are focused on influencers can provide significant
benefits from the point of view of both marketing efficiency as well as effectiveness.”

4) Glossary of Arts Marketing Terms

If we are going to use it, we need to know what we’re talking about!

5) CollaborACTION 2009 NAMP Conference is in Rhode Island,October 30-November 2. Register!


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