Museums need to up the ante on outreach!

An article in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) yesterday pointed out that museums, theaters, and operas are losing incredible amounts of funding (As if we didn’t already know this!), citing Americans for the Arts’ statistic that about 10,000 art organizations, or 10% of U.S. total, are at risk of folding.

WSJ indicates the following as factors:

1) People think the arts are an unnecessary frill;

2) Private donors are cutting back, shifting their money to human-services outfits during recessions.

Eli Broad, who has been in the limelight quite a bit lately in conjunction with the So Cal MOCA debacle, makes a pointed statement when he says that if art groups want more money, they need to intensify outreach efforts so audiences can reflect an area’s diverse population. We have to democratize the arts.

As emerging leaders in the museum field, my colleagues and I are the ones that are going to be implementing these outreach efforts. What is going to be the most effective way to go about this?


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